Request for proposals for development of a health information exchange and management system

AKI would like to engage a consultant to develop an all-inclusive Health Information Exchange and Management System that will enable medical underwriters and health service providers to share agreed information on real time basis.

We invite interested and competent firms to submit proposals. The detailed RFP and submission details are available for download

Completed proposal documents should be submitted in the Tender Box at AKI Centre on or before Wednesday, 7th September 2022.

Clarifications Sought by Various Bidders on RFP for Development of an Integrated Health Information Exchange & Management System

1. What type of deployment does the contracting authority envisage? Cloud / on premise? - Cloud

2. Is the bidder responsible for deployment? - Yes

3. What hardware infrastructure does the contracting authority have in the case of the on premise solution? N/A

4. Does the contracting authority have a cloud subscription? If so, at what provider? No Please propose

4. A request to explain the flow of billing documents, who issues the document, in what form, through which systems the document flows, who is the recipient and the target system – different companies use different systems and also the flow varies – Please recommend the best

5. Will the planned solution be responsible for the processing of financial claims or only for the transmission of the relevant settlement inquiry to the final system of the public or private insurer? No processing financial claims

6. Is the bidder responsible for the maintenance and support of the system? If so, to what extent, at what time and under what conditions SLA. – Yes, please give your proposal

7. Is the planned solution a HA solution? Yes

8. What is the number of systems to be integrated on the input and output side and what is the variety of systems? Not known

9. Is the bidder responsible for carrying out the integration or for designing and offering the integration interface for third parties? Both

10. Do the systems required for integration use interoperable interfaces based on the HL7 Messaging, IHE and HL7 FHIR standards? Not Known

11. Is the bidder responsible for providing the patient portal and service provider portal? Yes

12. Is the bidder responsible for providing the patient consent record? If so, what consents are required? Yes, to be determined

13. We could only find the attached document (ICD10fact) on ICD Standards for classifying diseases. Do you have a reference point you could share? Or would this information be provided for purposes of development? -Please check with WHO

14. From specific objective number 7, which reads, “(vii) Ability to develop unique patient identifiers to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained as per the Data Protection Act. This should also include customer type (individual or corporate), information on the gender, date of birth, relationship to principal member and Know your Customer (KYC) compliance details”, is KYC compliance general across the industry, or is it as per healthcare service provider? In either case, could a sample of KYC requirements be provided? – This is not readily available

15. From specific objective number 12, which reads, “(xii) System to flag and share information on high-cost claims, limit will be determined from time to time and also share coded data on terminated members/clients’ history but ensuring that legal conflicts are avoided”, could you give an example of “coded data on terminated member history” so we know how to structure ways of “protecting member confidentiality” in ensuring ‘legal conflict are avoided’? – Please propose how this can be achieved according to your experience.

16. (For avoidance of doubt) Besides AKI, healthcare service providers (hospitals/clinics), medical underwriters and doctors, will there be other users of this system, such as patients (and by extension their next of kin(s)), pharmacy operators etc? Also, is there any type of user that AKI would absolutely be opposed to be part of this system? (This will help us envision how HIEMS can be scaled or evolve over time) – All proposed users are welcome. Also note the request to indicate the number of users you can accommodate.

17. Would AKI be kind enough to extend the tender by one week to accommodate time lost due to business slow down because of the just concluded elections? – Yes, we can extend by 7 days. New submission deadline is 7th September 2022 at 4.45 p.m. Kenyan time.

     Contact us on +254 790 640000 or email for enquiries.


August 4th, 2022


Hazel Kingori


AKI, RFP, Health information, Management system