COVID-19 and Insurance in Kenya

The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for over a year now. From the look of things, the virus is here for a long period and so we need to adjust our lives around this fact.

For insurance, many things have had to change over the last year. We have put together some information from some of the most commonly asked questions regarding COVID-19 and insurance in Kenya. You can share further questions via and we will update this section:

1. Does my medical insurance cover COVID-19 testing?

This differs from one insurer to another. Read you policy or speak to you insurer/agent/broker to establish whether your policy covers testing.

2. Does my medical insurance cover COVID-19 treatment?

Some medical insurers cover treatment for COVID-19 while others do not. Be sure to read your insurance policy to clearly understand whether you are covered or not and what your limits of coverage are.

3. Does my medical insurance cover COVID-19 Vaccine?

NO. The Covid-19 vaccine is being provided by the Government free of charge, through the Ministry of Health (MoH). Here is a list of MoH approved vaccination centres.

4. Does my life insurance cover COVID-19?

Yes. If the insured passes on from COVID-19 the insurance claim is payable to their beneficiaries.

5. If I get an accident after curfew hours, can my motor insurance claim be denied?

Any motor insurance claim that arises during curfew hours cannot be dismissed on the basis of the time of accident. If you violate curfew hours, then the Police will charge you with that violation.

However, should there be other circumstances that are excluded from the motor insurance policy, the claim can be denied on that basis.

6. Does WIBA cover treatment for COVID-19?

Yes. WIBA covers COVID-19 treatment as long as you contract the same at your workplace.


May 19th, 2021


AKI Admin