AI and data changing the insurance game.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been the stuff of science fiction with a low likelihood of impacting our daily lives, then Chat GPT happened, and it was right at our doorsteps.

Truth is, AI and ML are mainstream and have over the past few years been leading innovation across various economic sectors, insurance included.

In the latest edition of the AKI Journal, we explore the benefits of AI and Data in the insurance business, in Marine and healthcare. An actuary gives us insights into how the profession is adopting in this era.

On leadership, we speak to Njeri Jomo CEO Jubilee Health Insurance, who has literally worked every job there is in this business. She reflects on that journey, what she has learnt, and the future of insurance in Kenya.

We also look forward into 2024 and outline what to expect in the insurance industry. The future will include ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues and there is an insightful article from a key resource.

Considering a career in insurance? Read more about what roles you can take up, what qualifications you require and how you can grow in the industry.

The AKI editorial committee extends gratitude to all the contributors for their time, thinking, writing, and sharing.

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January 16th, 2024


Hazel Kingori


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