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Retirement Preparedness Study 2019

AKI commissioned a study on retirement preparedness to evaluate the level of retirement preparedness among Kenyans with the aim of helping the industry players to design retirement products and messages that can make the population more prepared for retirement.

The objective of the survey was to gain better insights into how Kenyans think of retirement, the study explored people’s awareness, knowledge, attitudes, readiness, information needs and sources of information on retirement.

The nationwide study was conducted in April and May 2019 and targeted adults from the age of 18 in both rural and urban areas.

Read the full report here:


Information Paper on Blockchain Technology in Insurance

Blockchain technology is part of the fourth industrial revolution that will bring exponential changes to the way we live, work and relate to one another mainly due to the adoption of cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things.
As implementation of smart technologies continues, connected machines will interact, visualize entire production chains, verify the authenticity and make decisions autonomously. This revolution is impacting all disciplines, industries, and economies.
The insurance industry must continue to embrace new technologies to remain competitive. This paper explores opportunities in blockchain in the insurance industry. ReadMore