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The Kenya Insurer is one of the most comprehensive insurance related journals that contains well-researched articles, and professional views and opinions on a myriad of issues in the insurance industry. Published bi-annually, The Kenya Insurer is not for sale and is widely circulated to AKI member organizations, academic institutions, regional insurance associations, media houses, and other organizations in the financial, manufacturing and labour sectors.

Interested parties are invited to advertise in the publication at very competitive rates. Contact us via

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dec2020       AKI Journal Dec 2020

akijune20202       AKI Journal June 2020

             AKI Journal December 2019

       AKI Journal July 2019

        akijou2018        AKI Journal December 2018

akij        AKI Journal June 2018

remodelling        AKI Journal December 2017

insurer        AKI Journal June 2017

insure       AKI Journal Dec 2016

bio      AKI Journal Dec 2015     

insurer3    AKI Journal June 2014

devolution    AKI Journal June 2013

risk   AKI Journal Dec 2012