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consumer education

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Home insurance or Domestic Package insurance is simply the protection of property in your home against theft, damage, fire, floods and natural disasters. ReadMore



The Association of Kenya Insurers produces several publications that provide informative content to the insurance industry, the general public and other stakeholders.

Insurance Industry Report
The Insurance Industry Report is an annual publication by the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI). The report provides readers with a review of the global, continental and Kenyan economic climate, the overall status of the Kenyan insurance sector as well as detailed statement of each member insurance company with supporting detailed analysis of combined industry income, distribution of claims, underwriting profits/loss per class and other industry indicators.
Download a copy of the report here:

Previous years reports are available below:
Industry Report 2013 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2012 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2011 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2010 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2009 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2007 AKI Insurance Industry Report
Industry Report 2006 AKI Insurance Industry Report

AKI is committed to increasing awareness about insurance among the public. The Association carries out various initiatives to achieve this including consumer awareness campaigns on various communications platforms, publishing of informative publications and answering questions that are frequently asked with regard to insurance.
For further queries or information get in touch with AKI through

These are the Frequently Asked Questions

No. AKI stands for the Association of Kenyan Insurers, it is an Association for Insurance companies registred in Kenya under the Insurance Act. Currently there are Fourty Two (42) members. (See Members - Click Here)
No. AKI does not assume any of its members or Ex - members liabilities.
Insurance is a transfer of risk to insurers at a small price often referred to as premium. The contract is for the insured to be placed in the same financial position as he or she was before the loss.
AKI was established as a trade association to advocate for its members' interests.
Membership of AKI is only open to insurance companies licensed under the Insurance Act.
There are 43 insurance companies
The difference between an agent and broker is that the former acts on behalf of the insurer and the latter on behalf of the insured. Registration requirements, operations and duty of care are also different.
The bogus intermediaries will always lack established offices. Potential insured should insist on seeing the licence from the Commissioner of Insurance.
One has to be licenced by the Commissioner of Insurance. Different intermediaries have different requirements that they must fulfil before being licenced
Only Motor Insurance is compulsory. One would be contravening Chapter 405 of the Statute Laws and is liablt to a fine or imprisonment.
There are three types of motor cover namely comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only. Employed drivers should be covered under workmen's compensation Act or under Personal Accident Policy, otherwise, the cover for a vehicle does not include the driver.
Third party only policy, covers third party bodily injuries and third party property damage; while comprehensive cover extends to cover theft and accidental damage
This is an annual cover, traditionally the premium is payable once in a year. However, there is emergence of short-term covers and premium payment by installments. For motor and fire policies, premiums should be paid on commencement of cover.
Depending on the term but normally once after twelve months.
Considering many risks that surround us it is important to be insured.
The gross premium in 2006 was Kshs 46.4 billion
The policies with poor claims ratios are Motor, Workmen Compensation and Employers Liability.
Complaints can be forwarded to AKI for follow up or the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA)


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