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The Board has six (6) committees that address varying issues touching on the industry. The Board committees report to the main Board and they include:

Statutory and Legal Affairs Committee

The Statutory and Legal Affairs Committee has been charged with the oversight role of examining the existing Regulatory and Legislative environment and proposing appropriate recommendations for action to the Board. Following the promulgation of the new Constitution in 2010, the Committee has been monitoring the revised legislation, determining the impact to the industry and ensuring that the member organizations remain complaint with the revised laws.

The Committee reviews the main insurance statute, the Insurance Act, Cap 487 as well as other related legislation that impact on Insurance Business and proposes amendments which form part of the Budget proposals. The Committee is currently engaged in the review of the Insurance Act and the attendant Regulations.

Secretariat Affairs and Investments Committee

The Committee supervises the day-to-day operations of the Secretariat including general administration and financial management. It has oversight responsibility over AKI’s finances, human capital, provision of services to members and execution of revenue generating initiatives. Its terms of reference include:

Public Relations & External Liaison Committee
The Committee is responsible for all public relations activities of the Association. Its terms of reference include:

Ethics and Self Regulation Committee

The Ethics and Self Regulation committee was established as a mechanism to deal with self regulation for the promotion of harmony and the resolution of differences. The Committee, which reports to the Board, promotes underwriting discipline by ensuring insurers adhere to the highest ethical standards of market conduct by promoting discipline and professionalism.
The Committee regularly monitors and reviews current business trends and advices the Board on measures that can be put in place to ensure orderly expansion of insurance business. It is charged with monitoring members’ compliance with the AKI Code of Practice.
It further serves as a Complaints and Compliance Committee to resolve matters that affect insurers as well as other industry players or members of the public.

Committee for Liaison between Underwriters and Brokers (CLUB)

The Committee is a special working group created to deal with and maintain relations with other insurance associations, professional bodies and organisations locally, regionally and internationally as advised by the Board. The liaison with other bodies is mainly to facilitate exchange of information and build capacity. These professional bodies include the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK); the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation and other reinsurers; other intermediaries such as Loss Assessors and Adjusters, Agents and the Insurance Regulating Authority.
The Committee also ensures effective and regular liaison with the College of Insurance and with similar bodies/institutions within and outside Kenya in pursuit of professional and technical excellence.

Micro Insurance (MI) Committee
The AKI Board constituted the Micro Insurance Committee in 2012 and the same was ratified by the AGM in March 2013. The activities of the committee cut across those of General and Life Councils. The terms of reference are as follows: